Thursday, 10 May 2007

Travelling up to BK

27th April

Decided to drive to BK as we can hire a car for 4 days for about the same as the bus journey would cost and we would get to see loads more along the way. So we had booked the car for 9am as we wanted to start out nice and early so we would be at the hotel in BK well before dark. Got up early and while I packed a few things Nick went to collect the car. He came back after 5 mins minus the car! Apparently it hadn’t been returned yet but they promised us that it would be with us by 10.30. Ok no problem, we thought. So we hung around and watched some TV for a bit and off Nick went at 10.30 to collect the vehicle…………..30 mins.. we were promised again. So we thought we would fill our time by doing our group instead of doing it later at the hotel. So off Nick goes AGAIN and this time loses it a bit with the guy demanding our money back he promises to have it in 30 mins (again!) and offers us an extra free day if we wait. Anyway to cut a long story short we had the car delivered at 12.15!!
So our plans of arriving before dark are now not going to happen but off we go and have a fairly uneventful journey, only getting lost once and arrive in the outskirts of BK around 6pm. Not too bad but we also managed to hit rush hour. Amazingly we manage to get in the right vicinity of the area that we are heading for but by now it is very dark so someone (Nick) has the brilliant idea of asking a tuk tuk driver if he will drive to the hotel and we will follow him in our car. We offer him 50 baht and he laughs and agrees. Then follows a hair raising ride across the city including driving the wrong way up a one-way street. We made it though and boy did we enjoy our dinner that night.

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