Wednesday, 23 May 2007

21st May - Danshui, Taipei county

After our success yesterday finding the zoo the girls and I decide to take a trip out of the city to the end of the MRT line to a place called Danshui. It's to the NW of the city and is a lovely ride past some mountains and along the river. When we get there it is a nice change being by the water. It's right where the Danshui river meets the sea so on the one hand it's a bit touristy as it is where a lot of Taiwanese people come to escape the city, but on the other it's quite quaint.
The girls enjoy going into the little shops along the front and we do some exploring up some tiny little back roads with stalls selling unrecognisable foodstuffs. It's a lovely experience just to be here although we do feel like outsiders as we are definitely the only foreigners here. We get stared at all the time and one lady even stops to talk to us. She asks if these are my children and says how hot it is today. Although it is very different it all feels very safe and ok for us to wander wherever we want.
When we got back we talked about our plans for the next week and where we will be going next. We looked into flying directly to Cambodia from here instead of going back to Bangkok but it is too expensive. So we will stick to our plans and leave next Tuesday, stay a day in BK and then fly to Phnom Penn. We hope to go to the bethel on Thursday but haven't had the directions emailed to us yet so will have to phone again for them. After that we have decided to explore Taiwan a bit more. We have tried our best to hire a car but it just seems impossible here. Hertz don't even have a branch so that tells you how rare it is. It's a bit disappointing as we would have been able to see so much more by car instead of the train or bus.

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