Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sunday 20th - 5 meetings in one day!

Having phoned the bethel for meeting times and directions we found out that the WT and talk were at 1.30pm. Nick found the road on a map and we decided to leave in plenty of time as we needed to get a taxi etc. As usual we were early but thought it would be nice to talk to the brothers and sisters anyway. Imagine our surprise when we got out of the lift on the 6th floor to hear the singing at just five past one. Opps wrong meeting time given! Anyway we sneaked in to find that there was no talk just the wt followed by the school, service meeting and revelation book! Normally five hours of meetings but today just four. We stayed for the Watchtower and Theo school which was really nice as we had not been to a proper meeting since Bangkok. The only sad thing was that we didn't get to talk to anyone as their meeting was still going on. Maybe next weekend we will still be in the city and be able to go again.
Interesting thing on the way back home from our meal. We rounded a corner and heard music like an ice cream van and saw lots of people standing outside a large apartment block with plastic bags in their hands. It was a bin lorry, well two actually with large bags hanging from the sides. When it stopped everyone came forward and separated their trash into different recycling bags and bins. Amazing sight really that everyone would just wait patiently with all their rubbish and then in a totally orderly way separate it properly. When you do see a piece of trash on the floor it stands out as it is an unusual sight. What a city! It's obvious really that the Taiwanese people really respect their country.

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