Monday, 14 May 2007

11th May The waterfall

We were determined to see one of the waterfalls on the island before we left and last night at the bar we got talking to our neighbour and she told us of this amazing waterfall that nobody knew about except the locals. As it had rained a lot in the night and we only have a couple of days left we thought we should do it today.
We were told that it was quite easy to get to and got rough directions. Not too bad at first until we got into the jungle a bit and Lara started to get bitten by mosquito after mosquito and then Nick managed to spot a snake! Admittedly it was only a very small one but it did mean that we were all very careful. It was quite a trek and definitely an adventure. Talk about being in another world! In the middle of the jungle. Nick kept going ahead to see if it was safe to carry on. After clambering over boulders and walking along rather narrow edges for at least an hour and a half we could hear the waterfall, finally! The last bit was the toughest of all over rocks and under fallen trees, wading through small pools of water we came upon the most beautiful sight. Huge cascades of water falling 100 feet into a pool surrounded by ark greenery and canopied by the jungle.
WE were all exhausted and wanted nothing more than to jump straight in but as the rain had been so very heavy it was very murky and being very British we were, of course, very cautious!! In the end after debating for at least five minutes and getting courage up for another five, Candace was the bravest and jumped in. WE all followed and although I couldn’t help thinking that I couldn’t see what was underneath me I was so glad I swam in that gorgeous place.
We all agreed that as experiences go it was definitely up there with the elephant trekking.

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Kev Hunt said...

Hmmm I bet Nick said the snake was an anaconda............

Good to hear you all having a good time

lots of love