Sunday, 27 May 2007

25th May – Tainan

Decided to do some cultural stuff today although it was very hot when we stepped outside so instead of a walking tour of the old city we thought we would go to the Anping fort by taxi. Interestingly enough this place had been originally built by the Dutch in the 1600’s and there were a few bits left of the old walls to see. The most interesting thing was to see some old paintings inside of the fort and to see that it had been surrounded by water at one time because the sea had come up this far. Now all you can see is the city, no water. Apart from that there wasn’t much else to see so we headed over to the Anping streets which the guidebook said was the oldest part of Taiwan. Now I presume they were talking about the actual roads we were walking on a there was nothing else very old to see. But we wandered around for a bit looking in all the little craft stalls and quickly glancing away from the food ones. By now we were all extremely hot and desperate for a shower so we decided to head back to the hotel for a bit and cool off before going out again.
We stopped off at the station on the way back to find out about trains tomorrow to Sun Moon Lake. No direct trains but it would still only take us about 3 or 4 hours to get there with a train to Taichung and then a bus the rest of the way. The plan was to do the walking tour around fiveish when it had got a bit cooler but the girls spotted a poster for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and of course we gave in (who can say no to an evening of Mr Depp & Mr Bloom?!!). It was of course excellent and everyone went to bed happy.

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