Monday, 14 May 2007

13th May Journey up to BK

Not a good start as Candace was up in the night with a bad tummy. All was ok until we were waiting for the coach in Trat and she passed out outside the toilets. Needless to say Nick and I were rather panicked but some lovely people helped us. One lady gave her a bottle of camphor stuff to sniff and another old Thai lady gave me some herbal pills to revive her which I was cautious about but she made me have some to show they were ok. They did work but poor Candace felt terribly sick for the whole 9 hour journey. Eventually one of the homeopathic remedies finally seemed to work and she managed to eat some crisps and a drink.
I am writing this as we reach the outskirts of Bangkok so hopefully we will just be able to get to our hotel and she can go to bed. Thank goodness it’s the Thai hotel which now feels like a second home.
A few hours later...........................
Well she is feeling much better. While Nick and Lara went out for a pizza and to buy the Lonely Planet Taiwan, I stayed in the room with Candace. I ordered some room service and we watched Bewitched on the TV which cheered her up a bit. She was fast asleep by 9.30 and hopefully will sleep late in the morning.

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Mark said...

Poor Candace, nothing worse than having to travel when you are ill. Hope she is ok now. xxx Sorry we missed your anniversary, I will note it in my diary so we won't miss next year, hopefully we will be with you to celebrate it. Take care, love to all. The Wilsons xxxx