Friday, 11 May 2007

5th May 2007 – 17th Anniversary!!

No one could decide what to do today but we started off by giving our gifts and getting lovely ones from the girls.
We thought we would get a taxi to Bang Bao and go to the Buddha View restaurant for a special meal. The taxi driver wanted 400 baht one way and for 1000 baht we could hire a car for 24hrs which is what we did.
We headed down to Bang Bao and went exploring down a different road we hadn’t taken before going for lunch. It was the coolest place with Thai style tables but instead of just sitting cross legged they had cut a huge hole under the tables so our legs dangled over the water. The food was delicious and the place totally relaxing. We all agreed that it was probably the best anniversary meal ever.
Lara wanted to visit Lonely Books again so we stopped off on our way home and she bought a couple of books.
We bummed around for a bit and walked on the beach.
Nick wanted to take me back to Buddha View again at night as it looks fantastic all lit up. So we got the kids some stuff from 7eleven for sandwiches and a couple of movies for them to watch from Roland’s.
We had a relaxing couple of hours just chatting over a drink and lovely sandwich before heading home and treating ourselves to a long awaited bottle of wine. We didn’t expect much, as we have sampled rather a lot of wines since living in France, but it was gorgeous and we managed to make it last 2 days!!
All in all a wonderful day and one that will be hard to beat next year – but we will try!!

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