Saturday, 21 July 2007

Santa Cruz & San Jose

After a breakfast of croissants, OJ & fruit from the supermarket we headed towards Santa Cruz. We both really wanted to go to Monteray but it was just too far as we had to be in San Jose that evening to fly to Florida the next day.
Santa Cruz was a typical movie style California scene. Teenagers playing volley ball on the beach and fairground rides all along it. Not really our sort of place so we just stopped for a quick coffee for us and milkshake for the girls at a lovely beach front cafe. We decided to head to the downtown and look for some sights and a supermarket to get picnic stuff for lunch.
After leaving Santa Cruz we headed back inland towards San Jose which is the heart of Silicon Valley but also a nice historic place to visit. I had booked the cheapest place I could find nearest to the airport to make it easy in the morning so we were expecting a grotty motel that would be ok for one night. When we got to the Doubletree hotel we were amazed to find that it was really nice and the room was huge with all amenities and most importantly for the girls - a pool! This meant that we had to rethink our plans to visit some historic places as they just begged us for a swim. In the end it was really nice to be totally lazy for a few hours as the last couple of days had been rather hectic and we had done a lot of driving.
We did manage to get to a Starbucks though to add to our collection of mugs. We thought that in view of how we earn our crust we really should have a San Jose mug!!

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