Tuesday, 17 July 2007

12th July – Driving down the Pacific coast

After a lovely breakfast of coffee and bagels we made the tough decision to leave the Inn and head further down the coast. It was a slow drive as the road is very windy but some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery imaginable.
Again we found a little supermarket and got picnic stuff and this time stopped at an historic state park for lunch. Fort Ross state park is the site of an old fort from the late 1700’s when Mexico ruled California. It was a trading post also for some Russian merchants. The onsite historian gave us an interesting talk about the history of the place and showed us some photos of the damage it sustained during the earthquake.
We had a short walk after along the cliffs before getting back in the car to dive further down the coast.
The weather was again perfect with unbelievable blue skies so we decided to get back to SF to get some better photos of the bridge. After seeing a few more sights in the city we thought we would head south and find somewhere to stay.
We ended up in Pacifica at a hotel just across from the beach and ended the day with a meal at a Mexican restaurant.

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