Saturday, 21 July 2007

San Jose to Denver to Tampa (finally!!)

The flight to Tampa, Florida was at 10.30 am so we had to be at the airport by 8.30ish. Fortunately we were only about a mile away so we didn't have too much of an early start.
All went great, apart from the $50 excess baggage we had to pay! We had about four hours in Denver. Just enough time to relax and have a lovely lunch before getting the last flight to Tampa.
It was a long day as we didn't get into Tampa until 11.15pm but our wonderful friends, Ryan & Kyndall were waiting for us with a big hug and a big car to whisk us back to a comfy bed and a long awaited sleep. They couldn't believe how little we had in the form of luggage although we thought we had a lot as we had added a huge suitcase to our backpacks to carry all the extra stuff we had bought. Us Brits travel light!!
We finally got to bed at about 2am after catching up on everything we had missed since last October.

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