Friday, 13 July 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We left early today to get to the airport in plenty of time as we were a bit worried about our bags being over weight with Air Asia. As it turned out they were fine and we had loads of extra time to check in and find our flights.
We hadn't booked a hotel but had a recommendation from a fellow traveler to stay at the Shangri La. We called them from the airport and asked then to hold two rooms for us. When we walked in we were wondering if maybe we had got the price wrong on the phone and had misunderstood as it looked so posh. We thought how embarrassing it would be after getting the taxi here, if we would have to walk out with our bags and find another place! It actually turned out to be 30 ringitts cheaper than we thought!! We were all very excited at the thought of living in this luxury for the next two days. The rooms were just as impressive as the lobby and the girls were delighted to find that there was a huge pool at their disposal.
We had dinner at a fantastic Indian restaurant, the real deal, not UK palate stuff!! On the way back to the hotel we got our first glimpse of the Petronas towers all lit up.

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