Friday, 13 July 2007

2nd July - Big decisions and last days

We had to make a big decision today on whether to stick to the plan of going to Australia or go straight to the USA. The business needed some attention and was not getting it by us working a couple of hours a day at an internet cafe. We realised a long time ago that this was the means by which we can do this travelling so we needed to think carefully about our next moves and some big trips were involved either way and we needed to pick the right ones. We had already booked our flights to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 7th but now we needed to decide on San Francisco or Australia. After much deliberation we chose SF as if we ended up in the same situation in a house with no internet in Australia things would be tough. The difference being we knew the USA and could definitely get what we needed as soon as we got to Florida and very quickly. The trip to OZ and NZ could easily be done next year or the year after. We managed to find a flight to SF via Seoul in Korea. A mere 23 hour trip!!!
Decision made we had to plan on how to get the extra stuff we had bought back to Florida. The choices were either UPS / FEDEX or the regular slow post that we used for our box from Koh Chang. As the box had not turned up in Florida as yet (rather worrying) we decided on FEDEX. An expensive option but even more so if your stuff goes missing altogether. Until I had the bright idea of buying a big and cheap suitcase and hauling it with us, saving us about £50. We thought that with some careful planning and packing we could keep it under the 30kg regulations.

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