Tuesday, 17 July 2007

8th July – Exploring Kuala Lumpur

After a great night’s sleep in one of the comfiest and biggest beds I have ever slept in we dragged ourselves down to breakfast to a feast of a massive selection of just about any type of food you can imagine. From Japanese to croissants and beyond it was there to be eaten. We contented ourselves with a couple of coffees and some pastries before leaving to climb up the KL tower.
It was again a great experience to see the city from so high up although it was rather crowded and very touristy. After seeing all we wanted to we stopped to admire a Malaysian band playing some strange instruments.
It is a nice looking city with some very interesting buildings and better planned out than other cities we have been to so far. It is obviously very wealthy and there is no evidence of a huge divide between the rich and poor as is so obvious in Thailand and other places we have been.
We spent the afternoon visiting a couple of shopping malls and then headed back to the hotel so the girls could swim in the pool.
It was the girls’ turn to choose where to go for dinner and they chose the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was great and the only complaint was when I asked for a glass of wine and got about a third of a glass! They made up for it though when Candace got a refill on her iced tea. She handed it to me and said it tasted funny. They had brought her a Long Island iced tea!!! Very alcoholic, so I just had to finish it for her.
We got some great photos of the Petronas towers all lit up on our way home.

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