Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Snakes and other lovlies

Yesterday was one of those days where you wonder if it would have been better just to stay in bed. As usual Nick brought me a cup of tea to wake me up. I heard him and Candace whispering and banging about in the dining room and wondered what was going on. They told me it was nothing to worry about, which immediately made me suspicious. I glanced around the corner and thought that they were trying to kill a cockroach which everyone knows I loath, but it was too big to be a roach and longer. They had only found a snake in the dining room! It was black with a yellow ring around it's neck and a bright orange and yellow underneath. Once it was dead Candace rushed to the computer to find out what kind it was and to see if it was poisonous or not. I informed Nick that if it was there would be two choices, a hotel, or a plane back to England. Fortunately it was not harmful at all. However that was just the start to the day. It was to get better....
About an hour later, after we had done our study and bible reading, Nick called his parents to say hello, only to be informed that our storage place with all our boxes and furniture had been broken into. The dreadful thing was that we are the only ones who really know whats in there so until we go back to the UK we won't know what's gone. We do know that whoever it was took our hi-fi speakers and a small antique dressing table and maybe some of Nick's woodworking tools. Hopefully nothing else though. It's not like there's anything of value to anyone but us though. It's mostly books, clothes and other bits and pieces. It's horrible to think that someone has been through your stuff though. Apparently the boxes had been opened and rifled through. So after a cup of tea and lots of moaning we decided there was nothing we could do.
Next on the agenda was a dreadful afternoon at work dealing with awful people.
We were in two minds whether to go out to Kelly's for dinner like we planned as we wondered what could go wrong there. It turned out lovely though. The meal was delicious and we had a nice walk down to the marina where we chatted to some friends who live on a boat down there.
It felt good to get into bed and realise that we had survived the day!!! Things could only get better tomorrow. Right?!

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