Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Crazy dayz

So this week I had my first sale on Etsy...yeah!! Hopefully there will be many more. I have been busy querying editors left, right and centre so just waiting to hear back. It doesn't look like we will be going on a big trip in September but hopefully we will still get to see the Grand Canyon before we leave the US. Actually we are determined to!
The weather is still VERY hot. 90 most days and humid and sweaty, but what do we expect, eh, living in Florida in the summer. Most of the sensible people have left to go north or to cooler parts of the world.
Candace has been busy knitting a beautiful blanket for a friend who has just had a baby. She has started an Etsy shop too, called simplesurfer. She makes knitted stuff and cute handmade origami boxes.
Her tomatoes and sweetcorn are ripening so we will be having some lovely salads soon with homegrown produce.
Ooh.... I sold a load of jewelry at my local hairdressers last week too, very exciting!!We are off to the Dali museum in St Pete on Friday so can't wait to blog about that as it is years since we have been. Lara has been busy reading up on him in between her other studies.
We went for a lovely walk last night, just Nick and I, and we couldn't believe how busy the beach was after sunset. I think everyone was enjoying the lovely cool (well cooler)breezes after such a hot day. We went all the way down to the Carlouel Club and tried to find the house on Eldorado that was the first permanent home to be built on the island. I think it had been knocked down though as there wasn't anything there!


jenscloset said...

Hello! I know what you mean about wondering if anyone looks at your blog...I am so jealous of you there--it looks wonderful! We go to cocoa beach every summer for a couple of weeks..in August (?!), we have a condo on the beach, so that's nice.
Congrats on your sale..I knew you could do it!
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jenscloset said...

oh-and congrats on your sale on etsy and your sale of all the jewelry at the other place!!