Monday, 21 July 2008

Life in the jungle

What have we been up to?! Work, beach, ministry. Nothing exciting really. It's still really hot and we are all dreaming of the autumn when it gets cooler. Last night we went down to the beach to meet up with some friends who were having a cookout.
I have been writing for a couple of internet newspapers suite 101 and Associated Content.
I am also flogging my jewelry left right and centre (well trying to, anyway!).
The economy is crazy here and everyone is moaning about the price of gas although in Europe it has been a ridiculous price for years. It's now at $4 a gallon which still doesn't seem too bad to us, but is quite shocking when you think that only a few years ago it was at a dollar a gallon.
We don't know where the next year will take us but are just enjoying where we are and what we are doing.
We are planning on getting lots done in the house at the weekend. We have been here for 8 months and still haven't fixed the jacuzzi, so that is first on the agenda. An ice cold tub to jump into would be wonderful right now. We also have to try and tame the jungle outside that used to be our garden. It has just exploded recently and needs major attention.
Anyway it's 5.30pm and definitely time for a glass of something. Got to get through the summer somehow!
Happy whatever you are doing, sewing, knitting, making jewelry, taking photos........ xxxxxxxxxxx

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