Sunday, 8 June 2008

Writing and other bits and pieces

I was thinking today about this blog and I realised that I don't really know who looks at it anymore. It was started originally so that our family and friends could keep track of our travels last year. So if you still look at it let me know. I would love to know what you think of it and what you would like to hear about.
It has evolved into more of a normal everyday blog now I think so I will try to update whoever looks at it about our lives.
Life in the US is great and living on the beach is wonderful, a situation we could never match and which we are grateful for every single day. We are working hard at the moment to simplify things even more. I have been trying to get my jewelry business started and Nick has been very supportive, of course. I have also been busy doing some freelance writing which I really love to do. It's all about balance though and that is proving difficult at the moment, a real juggling act. Maybe that is what everyone does though in trying to balance out our worship, family responsibilities, work and hobbies. We do get so caught up in our own lives that it seems that we are the only ones around.
Anyway the work day is done and Monday (the worst day of the week) is over. I am writing this with a whiskey next to me as everyone deserves a stiff drink after surviving Monday in this house (as long as you are over 18!!!).
It's hot here. There is no more to say, no more description of life than walking out the front door at 7.15 in the morning for early morning ministry when the heat envelopes you in it's sticky embrace and you sweat before you can get the car cool enough to relax . We hop from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned....well you get the idea! I am not complaining though..honest....


jenscloset said...

I am jealous!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Discovered your blog today through a post your sister made on etsy. I thought I'd let you know I enjoyed it very much and it was very encouraging!

A lost sister, making her way back.


Thanks for your comment.
Please check back regularly, it's nice to know that people other than my family read this blog.
Georgia x