Saturday, 3 May 2008


Well it's over a year ago that we started this blog for our trip and I just wanted to update everyone on what's been happening in our lives.
We are now living back in Florida. My last post said that we would be moving back to France but circumstances changed and it wasn't possible for us to do so. We also realised that it would be better for the girls here for various reasons. So here we are somewhat settled on Clearwater Beach. We have been auxiliary pioneering since December and are loving it. We have some wonderful calls and a great study. Business is good and so is the weather! WE have a new member of our family...MOJO. He is Candace's Chihuahua and is very small and cute and very good. The girls have made some great friends locally and are growing up fast.
We are so fortunate to be able to live in such a gorgeous place, which brings me to this weekend....... It is our 18th wedding anniversary on Monday and we had planned to go away for a few days down to Pine Island but realised how silly that would be as we already live on the beach. So here we are having a weeks holiday at home. No packing, no traveling, just lots and lots of relaxation. Eating, drinking and being merry!!! Rosemount & Ben & Jerry's (Not together though)!!! We have loads of movies to watch. Last night we started with The Great Escape and tonight it's probably My Big Fat Greek Wedding..........again!! Appropriate as we are cooking a Greek meal.
Anyway no future plans at the moment. Well not definite anyway! Travel will always feature very largely in our lives. Sometimes we do feel the East calling us again but at the moment we have to stay put and save some money. One day the wind will blow though and we will be off on another adventure. We don't 'do' established or settled but at the moment we couldn't be happier. We LOVE life on the beach. We have had 18 amazing, fantastic, wonderful, exciting and fun filled years together and plan on much more excitement for the next 18++++. Who knows where we will end up??!! That's part of the fun.......................

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