Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Well this is it! We have come full circle and come back home to France. Our last travel picture was Bergerac airport where we took our first almost 7 months ago!! It has been so great to be back in France. Everyone at the KH gave us a wonderful welcome. All our travels have definitely made us realise where we want to be and the place we will call home for the next few years. Definitely here in France! We have loved catching up with all our friends here and the girls have enjoyed it too, we have hardly seen them all week.
I also think that a part of each year will be in the USA as that is the way business is taking us at the moment.
The weather has been glorious blue skies all week and much warmer than England. We have had a wonderfully relaxing week with Mark & Cath, drinking gallons of wine and eating delicious meals.
Half of me wants to just stay here and get settled but I realise too that we need to be back in the USA for the next few months to make our new business work. Hopefully though we will be back at the beginning of April ready to find ourselves a little house and get started.
We leave in the morning about 9am for the drive up to Boulogne so hopefully the Landy will behave and all will go as planned.
Our trip has been such an amazing experience and life changing in different ways for us all. The next post will be thoughts from all of us about the trip.

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