Thursday, 15 May 2008

Life's a beach......................

Well May is proving extremely busy and we are working everyday just to fit things in. Work is busy but we are trying to develop some new ideas that will give us a bit more freedom from the internet and mean we can travel more. We are looking forward to our trip to Wyoming in September. There is a group of about 12 going so far so it will be lots of fun. We will be staying around the Jackson Hole area and doing lots of exploring of Yellowstone. The whole family is excited already and planning tons of hiking and maybe a night or two camping also.
I have finally got around to listing my jewelery for sale on Etsy. If you haven't checked it out it is a very cool site full of handmade stuff. Hopefully I will have some buyers soon!
We have been having fun with our new camera too. It is so wonderful to finally have a decent one and I am driving everyone mad with photos at the moment. I have had some good reviews on flickr (another great site) and some not so great! It's all in the learning process though.
The last few days we have had amazing weather. Hardly any humidity and lovely and cool at night. We have still managed to hold off using our air conditioning as it is nice and breezy all the time here on the beach. Unfortunately by the weekend the humidity levels will be back up, but we will cope.......
The pioneering is going great and I now have a lovely study and we all have great progressive calls. It seems worth all the hard work when we have great days on the ministry and the girls are enjoying it.

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