Tuesday, 26 June 2007

19th June to 26th June - Life!

Not a lot to report really.
We visited the local congregation and endured an hours group in Thai and then the watchtower study in English. It was lovely to meet the brothers and sisters. Apart from our family there were only four others for the watchtower so we got lots of answering up done. We went again on the Sunday for the same watchtower!! We managed to stock up on some literature though and found out about some ministry arrangements.
Well we have changed our minds lots of times this week. We had all planned to spend the next few months here as the guy we are renting the house from has been promising us an internet connection and we love it here. Unfortunately this has not materialised and we have had to change our ideas as we are very fed up with visiting internet cafes every day. Also after visiting the KH we realise how different it is to sit through a meeting in French and understand some and to sit through a Thai meeting and not understand anything at all. Also there are no young ones for the girls to hang out with. So the latest is that we leave the house on the 6th July and visit a few more places like Koh Samui and Krabi before flying to Kuala Lumpur and then getting the train to Singapore. A bit of a compromise that as I want to go by train and Nick wants to fly. That way we are both happy and the enviroment doesn't suffer quite as much!
Our assembly in Australia is in Townsville, down the coast from Cairns, is at the begining of August so we have plenty of time to get settled and find a house and car. Lara is looking forward to getting to OZ but Candace will be sad to leave Thailand.
We bought a lovely set of bamboo wind chimes the other day as a souvenir and before we leave for KL we will be shipping back another box.

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Kev Hunt said...

Wasn't Nick's last talk here in Thai, well I couldn't understand it ...LOL

Good to hear your stories, I am sure that you will enjoy the convention in Australia, although the Aussies can be hard to understand as well..

Take care

The Hunt clan!!