Sunday, 17 June 2007

10th June – 17th June – Life in paradise

Working, eating, exploring and finding more and more beautiful beaches is what occupies our days. The girls do some maths and reports on different places we have been and we swim every day.
The best beach we discover is Layan beach further north. It is deserted apart from some local fishermen so we spend three glorious hours sunning ourselves, fishing, reading and playing.
We finally find out properly about the meetings and plan on going to the Thai cong on Sunday as we can’t seem to get in touch with the brother for the English group.
One day Nick and I find a lovely little stall selling the most gorgeous clothes, so we decided to treat ourselves and splash out 1000 baht (£15) on two shirts for him, a skirt, a pair of trousers and three tops for me!
Another day we visit Patong as we have been told that it is a good place for dvds and stuff for kids. The girls find a pair of shorts each and we get some new movies to watch. Apart from that Patong is full of girly bars and dreadful tourist stuff and not a nice place. All the stall holders are quite aggressive and we quickly get fed up of the constant hassling.
We have some great BBQ’s after Nick discovered a shop selling firelighters. We also find another supermarket that sells more western food, so we treat ourselves to some cheeses, olives and sundried tomatoes. It is much healthier to eat like the Thais but we have missed our cheese!
We finally find the Kingdom Hall after driving around for over an hour and asking about a million people for directions. We are too late for the Sunday meeting but manage to meet some of the brothers and sisters and plan to go back on Tuesday night for the English Watchtower study and the group. It's a small congregation of about 55 with the whole of the island of Phuket to cover. We are looking forward to helping them while we are here.

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