Tuesday, 26 June 2007

18th June – Central Festival

Bit of a monsoon day today. We had a huge storm last night and there are a few trees and power lines down. It’s still raining so we decide to visit Central Festival, a massive indoor mall. It apparently has 256 shops so we have plenty of things to look at to pass the time. Inside on the ground floor there is the biggest fish pond we have ever seen with frighteningly large goldfish in. We manage to last about an hour or so before getting rather bored so we head up to the top floor to check out the restaurants and find a bookshop with quite a good selection of English books. Lara gets a reading book and a French puzzle book and Candace finds a good book all about world flags. I find another couple of books about Cambodia, one fictional and the other about a woman who worked in a refugee camp in Thailand. We finish our morning with lunch at Starbucks.

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