Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Malaysia and Koh Lanta - Day 1 and 2

Up at 6am to get all my emails done before heading off at 7.30 for the trip down to Malaysia. It was a gorgeous run down and so nice to see more of Thailand. Once we got to the north of Phuket the traffic started to thin out and after leaving the island it was quite calm and quiet on the roads. Candace had made a load of sandwiches so we only had to stop for the loo and to stretch our legs. We got to the border around 3.30 in the afternoon and it was the easiest crossing ever. Just stamped out of Thailand and into Malaysia then the same on the way back. After a quick stop at the duty free to load up the car with White and Mackay and some other amazingly cheap booze bargains. At least a third of the price that we would pay in the UK. Now all we have to do is not drink it all at once when we get home!
After looking at the map we decided to head for Hat Yai to find a hotel for the night. After a lovely trip through some Thai countryside looking for the right road we arrived just as it was going dark and found a hotel that was very basic but nice and clean. After a nice shower, and a whiskey of course, we headed out for something to eat. What a lovely surprise that right around the corner was a decent looking Japanese restaurant. Even better the food was amazingly delicious.
After another early start we drove back up towards Krabi to catch the ferries to Koh Lanta. This is somewhere we had wanted to visit for a while so we were rather excited. There are two Lanta islands. The first is not very inhabited but you have to drive across it to get the ferry to Koh Lanta Yai which is where the tourist spots are.
It was definitely not what we expected at all. It reminded us of Koh Chang somewhat in that it was not as developed as Phuket and a bit scruffy. Obviously as soon as we got off the ferry there was all the trashy tourist bits and cheap digs. The further we got away from there though the better it got. One of the best things being the lack of cars, bikes and people. It is low season now in Thailand but this was so wonderfully quiet after Phuket.
We found a lovely place to stay the first night called Clean Beach resort! Great, if rather warm bathish, pool and across the narrow road was a super beachfront restaurant. The girls dived in the pool and Nick and I went for a walk on the beach. I had spotted as we came in that there was a massage place so after our walk I went and booked a foot and head massage. The place where they did it was part of the restaurant and right on the beach so as I lay there smelling of coconut oil and listening to the waves and surf I wondered if life could get any better.
We finished off a lovely day with dinner at the restaurant which was extremely tasty and with a location that couldn't be bettered anywhere in the world.
We sure slept well that night!

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