Sunday, 20 June 2010

Koh Lanta

Did I mention that life couldn't get any better?! Well I was totally wrong. After exploring some lovely beaches and driving across the middle of the island we found an amazing place to stay our 2nd night. Moonlight Bay Resort. As soon as we saw the beach bungalows I knew that we had to stay there, even if it stretched our budget somewhat. The stilted houses were right on the beach and overlooked the sea. Each had a huge bed, kitchenette and awesome bathroom, oh yes and a jacuzzi on the balcony, overlooking the sea (have I already mentioned that!). It was without doubt the most wonderful place we have ever stayed. It even had a swimming pool just off the beach.
The place was so wonderful that we didn't even want to go out for dinner, so we popped down to the 7/11 and bought picnic stuff to eat on our balcony (overlooking the sea!!). Ham sandwiches and crisps have never tasted so good.
It was everything I wanted and I just sat outside, listening to the surf and reading for hours. I can't actually remember the last time I felt so relaxed.
The next morning after a wonderful nights sleep we did some beach combing and found lots of lovely little shells and loads of sea glass. We left it as late as possible before we left, but the 4 hour journey home meant we couldn't stay too late. Just as well we didn't as most of the trip it poured with rain. Coming through the Krabi region was amazing though as the tall karst cliffs were topped with clouds and mist and looked almost surreal.
It was a bit of a shock coming back to Phuket with all the business and traffic, but for now it's home. We can't wait to go back though and are definitely planning to in September, when the Moonlight Bay reopens for the season. A week in one of those beach bungalows is definitely something to look forward to. Who knows maybe we will stay longer!!

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