Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Mothers and Sprouts

This week is countdown until mum arrives on Thursday. It's going to be a busy few weeks I think, as we are leaving for Orlando on the Monday as some really super friends have arranged for us to stay in a luxury apartment for the whole week. The girls are really excited as it has swimming pools and loads of other activity stuff.
I have started writing for a new online publication called Helium. Just trying to make some extra pennies as Nick sets up our new business venture.
Our car is definitely dying. So we have booked it in for fixing the week we are away as we were going to hire a car anyway (we didn't trust it to get us to Orlando and back!). So we have to decide whether to buy another or put the money into fixing this one.
Nick put up our new washing line yesterday and I can't tell you how good it feels to not be using the tumble dryer. All the washing smells great too. I bought a sprouter this week too as I was fed up of having plates all over the kitchen with alfalfa and mung beans in various growth stages. It seems really good, and we ate our first crop yesterday in a salad and I put some into the bread mix this morning which turned out really delicious.
I have been experimenting with different bread flours, much to Lara's unhappiness! All wholemeal is just too heavy, so I mixed it half and half with organic white. Then I tried a mix of white, spelt and wholemeal which was great. Then I tried a cup of brown rice flour in the mix and it was dreadful. I think the best is a cup each of wholemeal, white and spelt with some flax and sunflower seeds thrown in. It just tastes so yummy and with a generous helping of Irish butter, it's all we eat for lunch some days.
I am happy to say we are getting greener all the time. xx

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