Tuesday, 20 March 2007

2 and a half weeks to go!!!!

Well we've just come back from a lovely weekend up at Nigel & Michelle's. After a 5 hour drive on Friday with 2 cars and a trailer we arrived to find gorgeous sunshine and Nige's cooking. We managed to leave in the snow though which was lovely as the girls made a snow man and went sledging with their Uncle. Had a lovely meal out on the Sunday at a village fete in aid of the local school. Excellent food and wine as we have all come to expect in La Belle France!
It was a sad goodbye on Monday though, knowing we will not see them for over a year now probably. Thank goodness for webcams and email!!!
Back to reality this morning though, with work to catch up on and still a million things to do before we leave! Bit stressful at the moment but it will all be worth it. Can't seem to concentrate on work today though, I wonder why??!!

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