Sunday, 14 January 2007

The why & when of the trip

First of all the idea was just to move back to Florida. Then Nick said 'hey! why don't we go to Thailand for a holiday first'. So that was decided and very exciting. Then one day whilst sitting round the dinner table Nick said 'why leave it at Thailand. why not go to a few other places as well while we are over in that part of the world!' So then the idea of a world trip was born.
We have tried very hard to live the sensible settled life, first in the UK and then now in France.......and it's just too hard!! Not our thing really. We are much happier being totally irresponsible and dragging our kids around the world. So much more fun!
So it's started. We put our notice in on the house last week and we leave on the 8th April. Some of our stuff has been sold but we have a lot more to go. Yes we have decided to sell it all. Apart from the beloved old Range Rover that is going up to Bonjean for Nige to have fun with (hopefully he will have very good breakdown cover for it!!)
So up to now the plan is Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand San Fransisco and driving across to Florida. There is a new thought that we will somehow fit Dubai in too! Haven't figured out how yet though.

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