Friday, 8 April 2011

Leaving paradise

Well we are getting ready to leave this wonderful island, exactly 3 weeks from today. We have very mixed feelings about it as you can imagine. On the one hand we are dying to see our family and friends back home but on the other hand it's hard to leave such a beautiful place and such an amazing congregation. Many of us here are leaving this month so it will be lots of tough goodbyes. On Wed we said farewell to a lovely French family who have become special friends. They are off to Reunion for a few months. Hopefully we will see them later in the year in France.
This month 18 out of our 22 publishers are pioneering. What a great time we are having. It's not easy in this 35 degree heat and by the time we finish mid afternoon we are exhausted but it is so wonderful to be spending the day with our brothers and sisters. Many have been invited to the memorial and lots have promised to come.
We are determined to make the most of our last weeks here though and have been spending all our spare time at the pool. Nick is many times to be found on the golf course. It's going to be a tough transition to life in the UK again!


Lanny said...

Hello, I may be going to Phuket in May and am wondering if you could tell us where the english congregation is located? We'd love to meet the friends while we're there. Thank You.


So sorry Lanny. I've just seen your comment.
It's probably too late now but if you want any info just email me on
Hope you had a great time.