Friday, 2 April 2010

Memorial and Ministry

Well it has been a very busy week. Last Tuesday which was the memorial we went on the Thai ministry for the first time. We all worked with someone who could speak Thai and they helped us to learn a few phrases so we could greet the householder and leave a leaflet. It was lovely to get to know the Thai brothers and sisters and also to see how differently it is done here. It is so laid back and easy going. Everyone goes to the same little street and stands next to each other to knock on the doors. 10.30am sharp we stopped for a drinks break for 15 minutes. Then on till 12 by which time we were very hot and sweaty and definitely ready for lunch.
The memorial was lovely and we had 76 attending which isn't bad for a group of only 22ish.
Yesterday we had the best day we have had since we got here. We went with some friends, Philip and Katy to a beach they knew near where they live towards the north of Phuket, Nai Thon beach. It was an overcast day so we were able to stay in the sea for hours. It was so clear and blue and the waves were amazingly strong but fun too. The sea was so clear that we were standing in water up to our shoulders and could see our feet down below. We ate lunch at a little restaurant right on the beach and stuffed ourselves with delicious Thai fried rice, cashew chicken and noodle soup. We did get a little too much sun though, so today we are a little burnt. We also took a couple from Mexico, Amy and Levi, that are staying here for a few weeks. They are so much fun and have some great experiences to tell so together we all had a great day, finished off at Nick's new favourite restaurant where the food is awesome and cheap and the place is spotlessly clean and best of all is only round the corner from our house.
This morning was ministry again but English this time, which can be a bit frustrating because of the type of people you meet. We are looking forward to doing some with the Burmese people here next week though.
We received our tea bags too this week from mum so can start the day off properly once more!! It is about the only thing I can't do without, a decent cup of tea. Very British, I know!

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