Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First few days in Bangkok

Well after a leisurely morning at mum's and counting the slow moving minutes until the taxi's arrival we were finally on our way to Manchester airport. Everything went well at the check in, no over weight bags etc.
Our first flight to Dubai was excellent. Yummy food and plenty of drinks and movies. We even managed to sleep a bit. Our arrival time there was tough, 4.30am UK time but we only had a couple of hours to wait until the next flight so by the time we checked in again and sent a few emails we were ready to board.
A nice surprise was that it was one of the new double decker airbus a380 planes. It almost defied logic to imagine that this huge object could take off never mind actually stay in the air! Plenty of room and so comfy it was almost like business class (well, maybe not quite that good!).
Our arrival in Bangkok went very smoothly too, nice friendly immigration (unlike a certain other country we have spent time in.....) and in no time at all we were in a taxi heading for the city. It may be that we happened to get stuck with the most annoying and irritating taxi driver ever. Most drivers here double up as kamikaze pilots, however this one found it hard to break 30 miles per hour and the more he talked the slower he went. Not easy to cope with when you are as tired as we were. His main rant seemed to be that he wanted to drive us around for the next few days while we were in BK. Erm, no way Jose!!
Finally we reached our hotel, which was quite a bit more expensive than last time we stayed and we needed two rooms as they wouldn't put an extra bed in for us like last time. However it was just nice to be here and get a shower.
Our meal at Hippie Hi was all we had looked forward to for so long. It was great to be back breathing in the fumes as we whizzed along in the tuk tuk and winding our way through the madness of the Khao San Rd.

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catherine said...

loving the first entry to your blog, its nice to picture where and what you are doing. I bet its lovely to be in the warmer weather as its still freezing here, very unusual for this time of year. Don't forget to post some pics, love to all of you from the Wilson's. xxx