Saturday, 6 February 2010

We're off again!!

Well the Fowlers are off again on some travels. Slightly different this time and probably the biggest move ever.
Ok start at the beginning...When we last visited Thailand we saw what a need there was for witnessing there, particularly in the English speaking field. Fast forward a couple of years and our life in the States is finished and we are back in Chester, UK and not very happy campers. Total rat race and miserable weather, not what we signed up for! So.. we started looking into the possibility of making another trip to Thailand. We wrote to the Bethel in Bangkok and got a lightning fast response telling us they would be delighted if we would join the new English speaking group in Phuket as they needed help. So that was it, the start of the biggest life change so far.
Initially we thought of going for 3 or 4 months to set things up but when we thought of the cost of doing that there seemed no point.
We have worked harder than ever in these last few months to get some money together but funnily enough everything has gone so smoothly. A wise person once said that you 'don't need to see the whole staircase just a couple of steps at a time'. In other words, don't worry about everything, just plan a bit at a time. This is what we have tried to do and as I said everything is going to plan. We sold the window cleaning business without any hassle whatsoever, which was a major part of the plan.
We now have our year long visas as of this morning! and we booked our tickets last night! We are so excited but also a little fearful. Moving to the USA and France is one thing but moving to Thailand is a whole different ball game. We are a great team though and are all working together to make it happen.
We fly from Manchester on the 7th March. It will be so fun to be back in Bangkok for a week. A much needed weeks vacation!!
I am happy to be starting up this blog again as I finally have some interesting stuff to post!!


jamiefisher said...

I'll be watching this blog so make sure you post!!! Love to you all!

marg reed said...

hi, sorry I never got to know you but I'm sure you will all do really well in Thailand, with Jehovahs help and guidance.
love and hugs to all